Passport 2 History

The Angels Flight® Railway (City of Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #4 — out of more than 1000 such monuments) is one of over 75 Southern California historical locations participating in the “Passport 2 History” program. Learn more at: Passport 2 History.

“Passport 2 History” Passports may be purchased from the Operator in the Station House at the Railway for $3, while supplies last.

The goal of this ongoing program, created by the Leonis Adobe (City of Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #1) is to link together the rich historical sites and museums in Central and Southern California. The program introduces visitors to over 75 historical venues, artifacts, and stories in the Southland and encourages patrons to explore and build upon the connections among the varied locations.

Participating institutions in the Passport program cover a wide range of interests: from fine art to children’s museums, native cultural centers to historic homes and ranchos, automobile and aviation to agricultural sites as well as maritime and railroad museums. Sites honoring prominent individuals and significant events in California history also are listed. You will find that many historic venues are located in close proximity to one another which makes planning visits to multiple sites convenient and easy.  With your “Passport 2 History” passport in hand, you are entitled to discounted entries or gift shop purchases at many of the participating historic venues that offer them.

(At the Angels Flight® Railway, the one-way fare already is so low — at 50 cents per ride, or a five-ride ticket book for two dollars — that there is not much left to discount!)

When you visit Angels Flight® or any other participating historic site, just present your “Passport 2 History” passport and receive a seal (“passport stamp”) on that site’s page. Special prizes are awarded to you as you collect stamps to complete your Passport book. (Visit for details). Also listed in the Passport are restaurants and hotels near several participating historic sites provided for your convenience as suggested places to eat or relax when visiting those sites. Several of those sponsors also offer Passport discounts.