OLIVET & SINAI COME HOME! (Pt. 1) 11/1/08

This will turn out to be one of the biggest days since the press conference back in 2007. I arrive in the dark, as do the men from Bragg. I am feeling SO fortunate! Yesterday my camera went insane from getting rainwater on the circuit boards. I had to ship it out for repair; luckily I was able to buy another camera body at half off, an exact duplicate of the original. Thank God for Samy’s. So I am out here ready to go.

The Bragg team slowly begins to gather, and then, as dawn breaks, some of the biggest moving equipment I have ever seen starts to roll in. That 250-ton crane — the one that will put the cars back on the tracks — takes your breath away.

Hill Street has been blocked off, and the morning traffic has to make do with one lane either way. Security guards guide it away from the work area and into the through lanes.

We must get the work completed in the time allotted: they’re going to open the street back up in a few hours.

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