New Penny Press at Angels Flight!

Something new has been added! We now have a Penny Press hard by the Station House, by which you can crank out a penny into your very own shiny new souvenir of your time at Angels Flight! You have three choices of pictures on your elongated penny. One of the pictures is of course of Angels Flight, another is one of the Bradbury Mansion, and a third includes our iconic City Hall. A huge thank-you goes to the artist who produced the illustrations: Diane Meyer, who you see in the photographs with Angels Flight President John Welborne. Come on down and take a ride, bring a penny (and a couple of quarters to operate the machine) for your souvenir of the day!

Photos © Leonard Auslender, all rights reserved.

Beginning the Installation

And There it Is, Ready to Go!

Diane Meyer and John Welborne

Diane, Cranking Out the Very First Penny

And This is What They Look Like!

The Very First Angels Flight Fan to Try It Out

A Satisfied Customer!