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Petition to the Mayor
Please sign this petition to Mayor Garcetti asking him to step in and save Angels Flight!

From KNX Radio
Here’s an audio pitch by Esotouric’s Richard Schave presented by our friends at CBS’ KNX radio for the petition. Click over the picture.

Become an Angels Flight Angel
If you would like to help Angels Flight, please click on the link at the bottom of this picture. You will be taken to our Official Angels Flight Homepage, where there’s a PayPal DONATE button at the bottom. Please click on that and follow the prompts. Thank you! (By the way, you don’t have to register with PayPal. You can use your regular credit card.)

A Promise Fulfilled
Here’s a thirty-minute video of the early history of Angels Flight that was put up online not long ago. Click the link over this picture and enjoy!

Something New From Angels Flight!
For a limited time, you can come see artist Diane Meyer’s Penny Press at Angels Flight! You can manufacture your very own souvenir, made from your very own penny. The Press is right by the Station House, under the bright orange umbrella! This temporary installation is one part of the artist’s project, Flattened Los Angeles. For more details, also click the link over this picture.

Here’s a great AF slideshow from Metro!
Here’s a slideshow full of historic pictures from Angels Flight, thanks to Metro!

Angels Flight’s First Opening
Here is a fine photo exhibit from the Los Angeles Times which shows some of the history of Angels Flight over the years. Click on the link over the picture.

Angels Flight Fare 50¢ as of 3/12/12

Preview of Coming Website!
We’ve been promising you a very special website containing over 1000 images, detailing the complete rebuild of Angels Flight Railway in a gigantic refurbishment project that lasted from 2007 through 2010. It’s almost here! In the meantime, take a look at some of the latest released images from that project by clicking on the link over this picture!

Get the Latest News at Our Twitter Account!
Click on the link below the picture to find out the very latest about Angels Flight!

Go Metro to Angels Flight
Welcome aboard “The Shortest Railway in the World.” The 298-foot Angels Flight® funicular, built in 1901, provides an iconic and functional downtown connection, and it’s just 25 cents for Metro pass holders.
Glide between Hill St landmarks like the Grand Central Market and Bunker Hill destinations like MOCA and California Plaza. You’ll enjoy great downtown views and a peek into LA’s past.

Art of Transit: Angels Flight
With the 100-year-old “Olivet” funicular rail car in the background, John H. Welborne, former President of the Angels Flight® Railway, looks on as Metro Communications Manager Mike Barnes makes final detail checks of a new mapcase installed at the base of Angels Flight on Hill Street. Metro installed the mapcase to provide riders and passersby with a display of the activity centers located near Angels Flight. For full details, click over the picture.

¡En Español!
Para las noticias en Español, selecciona la pagina de internet debajo de esta foto.

AF at Night by Joshua Gunther
We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Joshua Gunther for his wonderful and lovingly detailed photograph of Angels Flight! To see it at full size, click over this picture, then, click the “FULL SCREEN” instruction at the upper right of the photo. http://www.joshuaguntherphotography.com

Steven Taylor’s Blog
Steve’s blog opens up with some very rare postcards of Angels Flight, and then goes on to show his postcard collection that goes back many many moons! Thanks, Steve! Enjoy, everyone! Click over the picture.

Fallen Angels
Another appreciative tribute to Angels Flight
Click over the picture.

Angels Flight Appears in New Graphic Novel!
Mark Kalesniko, well-known graphic artist, has Angels Flight in his latest graphic novel, called “Freeway.” Take a look at some of the sketches he did by clicking over the picture!.

Our newest hi-def feature: Ally Quest at AF!
Thanks to the show “Ally Quest” (which celebrates L.A.’s glorious past), you can watch a brand-new YouTube feature on Angels Flight (click on the link over the picture) which not only introduces you to Bill Piña, one of our three Angels Flight Operators, but takes you into the (heretofore kept a deep dark secret) Machine Room, where you get to take a good look at our brand new Drive Assembly: the power plant of the whole Railway! Wait till you get a look at the giant orange wheels that move the cables (and hence the cars) up and down the track! You’ve never seen anything like it! Enjoy!
(By the way, we need your help. If you’d like to support Angels Flight and be an Angels Flight Angel, just click HERE and make a donation — thanks in advance!)

Ally Quest Slideshow
Here are some photos taken during the shooting of the Ally Quest Angels Flight feature shown above. To see the slideshow, click HERE

The Mayor Comes to Angels Flight
It was the Holiday Season, and a cold and rainy day. Nevertheless, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Jerry West visited the Angels Flight Railway and boarded Sinai while discussing the business and charity benefits of the then-upcoming Northern Trust Open, February 14 to 20, 2011, at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades. Angels Flight was one of about a dozen city landmarks featured in the program. Click on the link below this picture for the full story!

Fabulous Funicular Fotos From Flickr Fans!
We just discovered a whole bunch of pictures of Angels Flight taken by our fans, so we’d like to give you all some extra publicity. Click over the pic and enjoy! (Splash photo by mike_s_etc)

Team Los Angeles Checks Out AF!
Team L.A. does a day-long visit to Angels Flight and the Cal Plaza Water Court. Thanks for coming by, guys! Click over the picture.

Night Video of Olivet & Sinai
Here are Olivet and Sinai in a dramatic night video, traversing the short railway bed that they’ve been traveling on for over 100 years! Watch the clip, then come on out with your family and friends and take a ride in person! In fact, take a lot of rides — you’ll love it! Thanks to Snuffy for making such a beautiful video clip! (For full screen viewing, click on the HQ button below the clip, and then the “rectangle” button to the immediate right. Press your ESCAPE key to go back to normal viewing.)

New Photos of Old Angels Flight
Thank you Los Angeles Times, for this wonderful slide show of “Angels Flight’s First Opening”! Click over this picture of radio/TV personality, wacky Jim Hawthorne. (Photo by Ray Graham/Los Angeles Times)

Yep, it was a penny a ride — all day December 31st, 2010 and New Years Eve! The details were in the official announcement below, and the newpaper article available by clicking over the picture.

A Penny a Ride!
You can see some of the fun we had with our pennies by clicking over this picture!

Matthew Cooper — Our Hero!
Way to go, Matt, that’s the spirit. Hey all you people with penny jars — come on out on the last day of the year and go for it! 😀

1¢ a Ride, plus Jim Dawson!
Author and Angels Flight fan Jim Dawson was at the 109th Anniversary celebration, right on the porch at the Station House, to sign copies of his book, Los Angeles’s Angels Flight. The books were available there for sale, while supplies lasted, and Jim was there signing from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more details about the book and some of the photographs and a lot more, click over the picture!

Commemorative Tickets for 109th Anniversary
Commemorative Tickets — now collector’s items — were on sale at the Station House. Your purchases support the Railway, and many fans snapped them up! Here are the details direct from our Twitter Account:
Olivet Observes: HOT TIP! Act now! Last-minute stocking stuffers! 109th Anniversary tickets already are on sale at the Station House. Today!

Olivet Observes: Angels Flight Railway alert! See the special 109th Anniversary Commemorative Ticket by clicking over the picture!

Raise the Fare? Yes, No?
Dear Angels Flight Fans, if you’ve been reading our Twitter account lately, you know that Olivet and Sinai have been having financial discussions about raising the fare (read this L.A. Times article [11/27/10] by clicking over the picture). After you read the article, please let us know your thoughts about this by sending tweets to our Twitter account (click on the Twitter account thumbnail in the strip in the left margin)! We love hearing from you and we want your input! (Photo: Anne Cusack, L.A. Times)

One of L.A.’s Greatest Landmarks
Thanks, Janna, for this very nice appreciation of Angels Flight!
Click over the picture.

The CPUC Letter of Approval

Don Solosan’s Love Letter to AF
Great thanks to Don Solosan, who calls his beautifully done video “A love letter to Angels Flight, a little inclined railway that serves Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles.”

David Zaitz: Return of Angels Flight
Here’s a video from David Zaitz, containing scenes of Olivet and Sinai doing their thing, accompanied by some really nice background music. Thanks, David!

Day Before the Re-Opening Pt. 1
Here’s a short but excellent hi-def video clip taken the day before (3/14/10) the official re-opening, wherein you can see Olivet and Sinai do their famous “do-si-do” in the middle of the trackway!

Chris Raney can’t wait for AF to Re-Open
Here is a neat video clip put together by Chris Raney shortly before the re-opening — in high definition (when you get to the page, be sure to click on the hi-def choices) — announcing the comeback of Angels Flight. Thanks so much for this video, Chris!

Testing the Cars
Olivet and Sinai recently back on the tracks, testing was underway, and the public was enthusiastic! Thanks to Jackson Musker of Public Radio Station KPCC (and the program “Off-Ramp”) for doing this clip, and to the person with the droll sense of humor (Musker?) who used Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” for the background music, and for the cheeky captions at the end!

A Super Hi-Def Clip from TonyW79SFV
Here’s a long, leisurely and very thoughtfully done video clip from TonyW79SFV in super hi-def. If you have hi-speed broadband, be sure to turn on the very hi-def choice. This clip has long shots and pans around the general Cal Plaza area, so you can see what it’s like at the top of the ride — including the waterfall. The camera also shows you what it’s like inside the cars, and you get to see some of the historic ads along the insides near the ceiling. Many of the shots are nicely framed by the Arch, and by the nearby greenery. Thanks, Tony!

Angels Flight in the 50s!
Here’s a sentimental/nostalgic look at Angels Flight back at the original location at 3rd and Hill, just south of the tunnel. Looks like 16mm color movies from the 50s. An extra bonus: Dean Martin crooning Somewhere Along the Way. Many thanks to DaddyoJohn for putting this clip together!

Angels Flight in the 40s!
We include this short clip for its historical value and apologize for the poor quality. On the other hand, great thanks go to yalcrabkram for taking the time to prepare and post this historically important footage! In it, we see a passenger getting off and proceeding to one of the palatial three-story mansions (actually a fancy hotel) that were once the pride of Bunker Hill gentry.

Nabinut’s Metro TV Video
This clip is included because Nabinut took a closeup shot (at the end of the clip) of the rollers that control the cables’ lateral motion and keep them from rubbing on the tracks and ties by keeping them elevated. When the cables move, they rub on the rollers making them spin and produce the musical clanging sound you hear when the cars are in motion.

POIUYBLUE Explores Angels Flight
Here’s one in which POIUYBLUE leaves his camera on for one long shot that goes just over three minutes. This is what it’s really like to take the ride down: he looks at all the signs around the Station House, takes you from the Station House up to the ticket booth, through the loading gates and on board Sinai. While inside, he even explores the interior of the car, examining the wooden benches, walls and ceiling. Way to go, POIUYBLUE!

Militant Angeleno Rides Angels Flight!
This YouTube clip includes a lot, all with a pop music background: goes all the way from the MTA Red Line escalator up to Hill Street, to taking a ride up Angels Flight to the top, visiting the Cal Plaza waterfall, and then down again. You’ll even see a couple of the TV news vans parked at the bottom. Thanks for this clip, MA!

KTLA Covers the Reopening

Click over the picture.

Take a Virtual Ride on Olivet!
This is a great hi-def video clip from the bottom to the top on Olivet. You’ll see everything, including Bill the Operator in action! (be sure to choose the hi-def feature)! Great thanks to SeanYodaRouse for this clip!

KNBC’s Take on the Reopening
Thanks to KNBC for taking time to assemble a really nice video clip complete with historic b/w footage of days gone by, when Angels Flight was at its original Fourth Street location.
In this clip, you see Olivet very slowly descending out of the early morning dark into position at the Arch, getting ready to pick up the very first load of passengers on the very first day of official public service, after nine long years.

Here, Robert Kovacik interviews Will, who got up in the middle of the night, traveled all the way from Santa Ana in the dark by bus(!) to Downtown L.A., just to take the one-minute ride on Angels Flight. Listen to his profound reason for doing that (and thanks for coming, Will!).

Test Runs of Olivet & Sinai
Click over the picture.

Day Before Re-Opening, Pt. 2

KTLA talks about Angels Flight
Here’s a video of a news program on KTLA discussing Angels Flight. Someone put a camcorder in front of a TV set, and this is the result.

KABC Covers the Reopening #1

Click over the picture.

KABC Covers the Reopening #2

Click over the picture.

Angels Flight in 3D!
We included this because of the novelty: Angels Flight shot with an anaglyph camcorder. NOTE: You will need the red/blue 3D glasses to see this properly!

Erin’s Blog: The Road Not Taken
A very recent site about Angels Flight — just this year (2009)! Very nice photography, evidently using a softening filter for a very nice dreamy effect. One of the nicest fan sites I’ve found.

Checking In: Downtown Angels Flight
This is a drawing of the Drive Assembly which powers Olivet and Sinai. It is shown without the cables. Link to article over picture.

Back on the Tracks!
From 11/08

Slideshow of Opening Day
Great thanks to Steve Coleman — cameraman for television station KABC — for his wonderful slide show!

Mike Eberts’ Fan Site
Here’s another longstanding site by Mike Eberts, a bit out of date, but also full of good stuff!

Wikipedia on Angels Flight
A major article on the history of Angels Flight.

“Our Favorite FUNicular!”
This fan site discusses — with some rather questionable gallows humor — the very few mishaps that have occurred over the 100-plus years that Angels Flight has been in operation. Click over the picture.

L.A.Landmarks: Angels Flight
Here is the first of two sites about Angels Flight by Dace Taub. The second one follows directly.
Click over the picture.

Dace Taub on Angels Flight
Click over the picture.

Guide to the History & Reconstruction of AF
Click over the picture.

“Angels Flight Sees the Light”
Click over the picture.

Government Takeover of Angels Flight?
A huge fooferaw arose when the editor of the L.A. Downtown News reached the end of her tether about the long delay in reopening, and suggested that the government take over the project. This set off a number of highly charged responses. You can read the full editorial and its responses by clicking over pic!

Back on the Tracks!
Los Angeles Times, 11/08. Link over picture

And word comes from the BlogDownTown
There’s a short video clip with this article, taken shortly after the cars were reinstalled on the tracks and testing was under way.
For the whole story, click HERE

CA State Library Article about Angels Flight
Click over picture.

L.A. Conservancy Tours

Murray Latta Progressive Machine, Inc.
This is the marvelous Canadian company which built the brand-new Drive Assembly that powers the cars. Without them, Olivet & Sinai would be dead on the tracks.

When Metro Had the Cars
Inaccurate speculation runs wild in this article.

Bragg Crane and Rigging
What can I say about this marvelous company? Bragg Crane and Rigging was involved in virtually every single step of the three-year-long Restoration. They installed parts, they moved and installed multi-ton objects, such as the parts of the Drive Assembly and the cars themselves. If something didn’t work, they fixed it. If problems came up, they solved them. Absolutely NONE of getting Angels Flight up and running would have been possible without the smart, brave and tough men of Bragg Crane and Rigging. Hats off to you guys!

Angels Flight Makes It Back to the Hill

Angels Flight Takes a Step Toward Reopening

Angels Flight Reopens
An article from the Los Angeles Times, including a nice slide show (and some vinegary commentary from members of the public).

Click over picture

Angels Payoff
“Crowds come and vendors rejoice as Railway opens”

TIG/m fabricated the new gates on Olivet and Sinai
One of the new safety features on the cars is the addition of new gates on each end of Olivet and Sinai. They were fabricated from scratch at TIG/m, manufacturers of modern street railways.

Nine Years Later, AF Reopens to Riders
The latest breaking news of this weekend (3/14/10) by Curbed reporter Dakota Smith

Angels Flight Reopens
Angels Flight begins its first day of regular runs March 15th, 2010

Angels Flight in the 1900s
Here are some wonderful old pictures of Los Angeles, Angels Flight and 3rd Street in the 1900s.

Final Approval At Last!
Huzzah and Bravo! At long, long last the final “seal of approval” comes down from the California Public Utilities Commission! Angels Flight is free to open once again! It will now be just a matter of days before Olivet and Sinai resume their old revered job of transporting the public up and down Bunker Hill, as they had been doing for over 100 years! (click over picture)

What is a Funicular?

Opening Date: April 15th, 2010
Fascinating, how the Los Angeles Downtown News, whose editor called for a “government takeover” of Angels Flight was one of the first to make the announcement of Angel Flight’s opening date…

For Our Korean Friends
Here’s an article for all our friends in the L.A. Korean community.

¡En Español!

News Travels to China!
Here’s an article for all our friends who read Chinese. 🙂

Wow! Opening Moved Ahead to March 15th, 2010!
Scooping all the local newspapers, the Los Angeles Times came out with this announcement on March 13th.

Left Coast Crime Comes to Angels Flight
On Saturday, March 13th, 2010, mystery writers came to Angels Flight to hear Michael Connelly hold forth on his recent novel “Angels Flight.”

USC Geography: L.A. Walking Tour