Huell Howser: 1945-2013 R.I.P

He donated his archive of thousands of television shows to Chapman University, with the proviso that they be made freely available through the Internet. This generous gift is described HERE.

His first show about Angels Flight was in 1994, when the restoration and rebuilding of the Railway had yet to commence. This TV programrenewed the hope of many Angelenos that the Flight would, indeed, return to Bunker Hill.

To cover the February 23-25, 1996, Grand Opening Weekend, Huell produced a special, one-hour program (#408 of his “Visiting” series). It is not clear whether this show has been posted yet by Chapman University. It still may be available for purchase HERE.

However, also in 1996, Huell broadcast a show about the “Mud People” at Angels Flight.

Huell’s relationship with the Railway was long and strong. (There are nearly 25,000 Google hits connecting the two.) Huell was a member of the Restoration Campaign Committee that supported the Railway’s rebuilding in the mid 2000s. Huell was a great friend to many throughout the world, as he was to the stewards of the Angels Flight® Railway. He will be missed, but his legacy lives on in his work.

And a special farewell treat: here’s Huell, just one more time, singing the song that was as much a part of him as his big heart: “California, Here I Come!”

Rest in peace, Huell.

(Photo: Cameron Tucker)