Angels Flight® Facility Rental and/or Advertisement Fees

Angels Flight® management allows filming, special events, advertisements, and related efforts that incorporate the famous, historic funicular. Marketing of certain products produced with the Angels Flight® logo, images and/or name are also permitted all with express permission from Angels Flight®.

Permission and facilitation of any of these are allowed only under very controlled conditions and only with explicit, written approval through execution of a legal agreement with the stewards of Angels Flight®.

Angels Flight® is a registered Los Angeles Cultural Monument and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Angels Flight® trademark is a highly protected and valuable asset and will be treated accordingly. The integrity of its history, image, and value to the Los Angeles community will be not be compromised.

Any permission for any use whatsoever will be granted only for activities or products that do not tarnish this family friendly image. Any and all images, messages, and/or products require review and approval of Angels Flight® representatives.

  • Contact Us for pricing inquiries
  • Filming periods for less than a full day will be negotiated on a per hour basis
  • Additional Fee for operator/mechanic
  • Protective Insurance provisions will be applicable.
  • These will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis
  • Variables taken into account include the general use of the images, any impact to operations during shooting, length of time of the photo session, as well as other considerations
  • Twelve sign spaces are present in each of the cars.
  • Signs are 11” tall by 28” long
  • Sign artwork, messaging, and printing are the responsibility of the renter.
  • Installation will be performed by Angels Flight® representatives
  • Includes the use of the Angels Flight® logo, image, or name on any product in any medium
  • Generally, 25% of the profit of the product sales
  • Event Use – pricing is commensurate with values outlined above for Live Action Filming
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