Assembling the Drive Assembly, 11/13/07

Today (four months later than expected) begins one of the most important phases of the entire restoration project: bringing all the modules of the brand-new Drive machinery into the Machine Room and assembling them. This is just the “Erector Set” stage. Once the Drive components are all fit back together (previously having been assembled and tested at the Vancouver factory), the machine needs something to make it run, and that is electrical power! The power is controlled by electronic components consisting of multiple computers and relays and switches. Collectively, those components will comprise the Electric Control Package. Unfortunately, the Electric Control Package’s delivery will be even more delayed. It will not arrive in Los Angeles until nearly one full year later — on October 14 of 2008. Following the Electric Control Package installation and testing will come the laying of the main cable over the tracks, around the Drive machinery’s bullwheels, and under and attached to each car.

This album documents the mid-November 2007 transfer of the huge multi-ton modules of the Drive machinery — lifted up about 20 feet above the ground on Olive Street via a super heavy-duty fork lift, through a large square portal in the north wall of the Machine Room, and then assembled. Difficult and dangerous work, and the men from Bragg are entirely up to it.

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