Angels Flight Restoration Project 2007-2010

Following the resolution of all issues from an accident in 2001, the entire Angels Flight® Railway Drive and Control System from that time was removed. A completely new system was designed, manufactured, shipped, and installed. The extraordinary photojournalism of LEONARD AUSLENDER during this three-year period documents in great detail what was involved in: assembling this new, custom-designed and -built equipment; returning Olivet and Sinai to their tracks; and getting the Angels Flight® Railway back into safe and daily public service. From the January 23, 2007, Press Conference on Hill Street with George Takei joining in the announcement of the coming return of Angels Flight — to the first passengers boarding in March of 2010 — these photos show everything involved in the complicated and professional effort to bring back Angels Flight®. Clearly the makings of a future thick coffee-table book, Auslender’s photos are here for you to see right now — in vibrant color on the device of your choice, at the place of your choice, anywhere in the world. Enjoy . . . and learn about the mechanics and the mechanisms that made and make the Railway work.
— Los Angeles, June, 2016

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