Huell Howser: 1945-2013 R.I.P

A 50-year-old Cinerama camera recently was used to film the experience of riding on the 110-year-old Angels Flight Railway. The “making of” video (in the link below) shows lots of views of Angels Flight. The video may be of special interest to cinema enthusiasts because of its detailed imagery of the Cinerama camera equipment and all that is involved in its use. The new, short Cinerama film, titled “In the Picture” and of which an Angels Flight segment will be a part, should premier at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, in Fall 2012.
Click on the link below this picture to be pointed to the video. Our viewers who have broadband internet reception can watch in high definition by choosing the 720p option (click on the “ratchet wheel” icon) and then on the “picture frame corners” icon for enlarging to full screen.